Catholics are always called to share the joy and truth of our faith with those around us. Now that two years of COVID restrictions are finally easing up, parishioner Dr. Scott French is hoping to bring the Good News to both Catholics and non-Catholics alike through the Beach Evangelization Ministry. “Before COVID, I approached Fr. Lio with the idea to combine that with a booth for evangelization, where we could have refreshments and tell people about the truths of the Catholic Church,” Dr. French says. “This is a great opportunity to evangelize both Catholics and non-Catholics. What we just went through with COVID was a fear of death, and yet we know the truth — that there really is a bodily resurrection, that we have an eternal soul, and that we’re destined to live in our real home in heaven. Our secular culture is trying to convince us that the material world is all there is. Seventy-five percent of Catholics currently don’t believe in the Real Presence of the Eucharist. We really have lost that understanding that there is real scientific evidence of things like the Shroud of Turin and Eucharistic miracles. So, to rebuild the Catholic Church is where we need to go.”

As an ER doctor, Dr. French has seen firsthand the fear of death present in our society, as well as the isolation we have all experienced throughout the pandemic. He also gives talks on the scientific evidence seen in the Shroud of Turin and the Eucharistic miracles of the 21st century. He hopes that we can come together once again as social creatures to trust in the certainty that God is in charge and that our true home is in heaven.

“The secular world claims that science has disproven the existence of God, but the fact is that science affirms the opposite,” Dr. French says. “The evidence is overwhelming that there is a Creator God and that we have souls. For example, the image on the Shroud of Turin is an image that would require six to eight watts of pure energy to recreate. ‘I am the Light of the world’ — well, He really is!

“In the 21st-century Eucharistic miracles, the wine turned into blood and the host turned into tissue,” he adds. “The findings from the tissue analysis have shown that the flesh is heart tissue and has signs of stress, and that white blood cells were present that can only exist outside the body for 30 minutes.

“The blood was found to be type AB blood, which is the rarest type but is found in 12 percent of Jewish people. All these things are God trying to show us that He is in charge of science and that He created the universe and created those natural laws. The Big Bang theory was formulated by a Catholic priest who worked with Albert Einstein! Most physicists today are believers. The more scientific evidence there is, the less others can deny it.”

Dr. French also hopes that this ministry will engage our youth, who are the future of the Church.

“This is a way for our youth to both understand and be able to defend and spread the Good News like we did in the first couple of centuries,” he says. “People in those times would sing on their way to martyrdom because they knew that eternal life was more than the material world. We are the hope, and that is how we started, and we need to re-evangelize the world.

“I’d like to have college students come, and adults, and high school kids, and be able to talk about their faith,” he adds. “We understand that faith and science are compatible, and that science will point to faith. If God created the universe, then He also created science! Finally, when you see hatred, division, despair, and an increase in death, who do you think is behind that? We want to combat that by saying ‘peace be with you,’ and sharing a message of hope and truth that there is life beyond the material world.”

For more information about this ministry, please contact Dr. Scott French at 808-443-8743 or [email protected]

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