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Now more than ever, in the wake of the isolation brought by COVID restrictions, it is important to welcome parishioners and guests into the church with the aloha that characterizes St. Michael’s Parish.

“There has been a loss of connection with the church,” says Jo Anne Fay, a member of the Greeters Ministry here at St. Michael the Archangel. “And we want people to feel the joy, celebration, and closeness of the return to our Lord.”

There are a few responsibilities that members of this ministry take on as greeters. Some of these responsibilities include greeting parishioners and visitors at every Mass; taking the time to visit with guests and to answer questions about St. Michael the Archangel Church; making sure guests know that the time they spend at St. Michael’s is appreciated; passing out weekly bulletins; and helping the ushers when needed. While these are all important roles, Jo Anne shares what she believes to be the most important.

“We share our genuine aloha to make parishioners and guests feel welcome,” she says.

Greeters can choose which Mass time works best for them, but they are asked to be flexible to help serve at other Masses if needed. Greeters are also asked to be flexible on holidays, special occasions, or if someone else is absent. The number of greeters at each Mass depends on the volume of people that typically attends for that particular Mass time. Usually, there are between two and five greeters per Mass.

“Being involved in parish life gives you a purpose — a feeling of belonging that fills the soul,” Jo Anne says.

For Jo Anne, being a greeter has meant being part of something that brings joy to others — being greeted and recognized. Being involved in this ministry has brought her closer to clergy members, helped her get to know other parishioners on a personal basis, and helped her establish a closer church family.

Currently, the Greeters Ministry is looking for more help at the Saturday 5 p.m. Vigil Mass, and the 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Sunday Mass. However, while these times specifically need help, there is always room for more assistance at all Masses.

“No one ministry can be orchestrated by one person, it takes a team of parishioners to come together, work together, and make the ministry meaningful and successful,” Jo Anne says. “The more involved you become with your church, the more fulfillment you receive. Let’s just say it is a labor of love for the Lord.”

If you are interested in getting involved in the Greeters Ministry, please contact Jo Anne Fay at [email protected]

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